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Even The Most Experienced Roofers Need To Take The PRIME-IL Roofing Exam Prep Classes!

Roofers with years of experience that think they will pass the class easy tend to fail the Illinois roofing license exam. A larger portion of the people who take the exam without taking a prep class fail. Why waste your time, effort and money taking the test without Prime's help. Our students have a 98% pass rate on the Illinois roofing license test and we offer a guarantee that if you don't pass your next class is on us. The exam is very hard to pass without the proper tailored guidance. We offered a very specialized curriculum that is designed with nothing but helping you pass the class in mind. We compound the thousands of pages of study material into simple engaging instruction, to teach you to pass the test.

PRIME-IL also helps you save money! There is no need to purchase the recommended $2,162.42 worth of study materials and publications in order to pass the Illinois roofing license test. With PRIME-IL you do not need to purchase these materials. PRIME-IL provides you with all the study materials, notepads, pens, highlighters, and calculators you will need. All you need to bring is yourself!

The PRIME-IL Promise guarantees you will pass your Illinois state roofing exam on the first try. If not, you can re-take the class on OUR dime!

Book your spot today! Give us a call 708-395-5671 or click book now and fill out the form and someone will contact you.


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