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Are you a roofer that needs your Illinois roofing license?

Illinois requires roofing contractors to take, and pass an exam to obtain a license to be a roofer in the state of Illinois.

Illinois requires the following roofing licenses depending on what type of roofing work you intend to do:

  • Residential (Limited License)

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial (Unlimited License)

  • Commercial/Industrial (Must pass the Residential exam before taking this exam)

There are a few places you can take the exam but we recommend Continental Testing Services.

Upcoming Exam Information:

Exam Date: 1/27/2021 Registration Deadline:12/21/2020

Exam Date: 3/17/2021 Registration Deadline: 2/15/2021

Exam Date: 5/19/2021 Registration Deadline: 4/19/2021

The NRCA recommends purchasing study materials you will need to prepare for the exam. The cost of these materials is $2,162.42. Why pay all that money for study materials when PRIME-IL provides you with all the study materials, notepads, pens, highlighters, and calculators you will need. All you need to bring is yourself!


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