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Hands-on class instruction that is simple and memorable!

Why do we at PRIME-IL teach the way we do? Because it works! Our students have a 98% pass rate on the Illinois roofing license test. We compound the thousands of pages of study material into simple engaging instruction, to teach you to pass the test.

Retaining information can be a struggle. You can be taught something and forget it almost immediately if it doesn’t sink in. Hands-on learning is proven to be more effective at helping students grasp what they’re taught. There’s no shortage of studies that show hands-on learning has a significant impact.

The reason hands-on learning is so effective at information retention involves both physiological and psychological impacts of the learning style.

Hands-on learning better engages both sides of the brain. Listening and analyzing processes occur in the left hemisphere, but visual and spatial processes are handled on the right. By combining multiple styles of learning, the brain forms stronger overall connections and is able to store more relevant information. Brain scans also show increased activity in sensory and motor-related areas of the brain when thinking about concepts they had hands-on experience with.


Student experience a huge increase in the amount of information that they retain when given the opportunity to practice what they are learning in the form of hands-on training. Studies have shown that when students sit and listen intently but passively in a lecture-style environment, they retain 20 percent of the presented information. When they are given the opportunity engage in what they have just learned, that percentage increases to 75 percent.

Prime roofing Exam Preparation of Illinois provides statewide exam prep to roofing contractors looking to obtain their Illinois roofing license. We offer simple, results based learning at a fair price

The PRIME-IL Promise guarantees you will pass your Illinois state roofing exam on the first try. If not, you can re-take the class on OUR dime!


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