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Why Should You Go To Roofing License Exam Classes?

Whether you’re new to the roofing industry or an expert who needs to obtain your Illinois Roofing License, the best way to achieve this is by taking special courses that teach you everything there is to know about the Illinois Roofing License Exam. Through class instruction that is simple and memorable, you will get the necessary information in only 2 or 3 classes to pass the exam. This means you’ll be able to finish earlier, start your career quicker, and compete with those who’ve spent years working as roofers. With the right education from PRIME-IL, there’s nothing to stop you from getting your dream job and controlling your future.

PRIME-IL helps develop the skills you need to pass the Illinois Roofing Exam. Students receive the necessary training to obtain the license they need to become professional roofers. The course structure emphasizes both hands-on instruction and critical thinking. Whether you use the knowledge to become a residential roofer or a commercial roofing contractor, PRIME-IL will give you the necessary expertise to pass the exam. PRIME-IL provides you with all the study materials, notepads, pens, highlighters, and calculators you will need. All you need to bring is yourself! This alone saves you over $2,000 by not having to purchase the recommended study materials.

The PRIME Promise, to save you time, money, and travel, is possible through class instruction that is simple and memorable. This approach passes the savings on to you and comes with a re-take guarantee.

Book your spot today! Give us a call 708-395-5671 or click book now and fill out the form and someone will contact you.


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